AVCS Updates by Email


AVCS updates from Novaco, keep your ENC holdings up to date, at all times. Access to the service is worldwide and benefits from the legendary simplicity build in all Novaco Services.

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Paper Charts


NovacoBridge is a comprehensive correction and maintenance solution for all Admiralty charts. Despite the on going migration to ENCs, paper charts remain the most widely used and most familiar charting platform.

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NovacoBridge goes beyond the delivery of digital Notices to Mariners to provide an information library that betters those used by many Chart Agents. NovacoBridge achieves radical simplification of the correction and maintenance process for charts and publications and removes the risk of operator errors.

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Nautical Publications


NovacoBridge simplifies the correction of Nautical Publications. It provides up to date summaries of corrections for Sailing Directions, Radio Signals and Light Lists without the need for NP247 or bulky loose leaf solutions.

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Admiralty Digital Publications


Digital delivery of corrections for Admiralty products is provided via email or satellite broadcast worldwide. ADPs have revolutionized the way navigational information can be accessed.

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NavArea Warnings


NovacoBridge provides Warnings for all 21 NavAreas sourced from the members of World Wide Navigational Warnings Service Sub Committee (WWNWS).  This is an invaluable service for the maintenance and verification of warnings received over the Inmarsat SafetyNET or international NAVTEX services

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ENC CDs by Satellite


NovacoENC is a "fax like" service that delivers all the Base and Update CDs via a fixed cost satellite broadcast. Subscribers of NovacoENC have access to all ENC updates within a day of their publication without having to wait for the delivery of physical CDs.

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ENC Charts

ENCNovacoBridge provides comprehensive support for ENC updates and provides updates that can be used on any ECDIS system. With NovacoBridge you no longer need to have base and update CDs. The service lets you receive weekly updates and new editions for ENCs you already use or full editions for ENCs you have purchased for the first time.

NovacoENC is the only service in the world that delivers all Base and Update CDs, in a "fax-like" manner, directly to ship. The service provides instant access to the latest ENC charts and updates and removes the need for physical delivery of CDs.


Primar cellsENC files distributed by Novaco are in S57 format and are compatible with all ECDIS systems. S-57 is an IHO Transfer Standard used for the exchange of digital hydrographic data between national hydrographic offices and for its distribution to manufacturers, mariners and other data users.

All official ENC data conform to S57 but may be subsequently converted to other hardware specific formats often referred to as SENC format. Novaco use S57 for the delivery of ENC charts as well as their updates.

ENC Corrections

Just receiving corrections is not enough to keep your ECDIS up-to-date. Unlike paper charts, ENC corrections are propagated either by means of a new edition of the chart or by a "correction" patch. Both types of corrections are distributed in the form of digital files but their relative size is significantly different. You also need to have all the corrections as well as all the new editions to ensure that your ECDIS is up to date.

ENC Corrections

ENC New Editions

New Editions are often overlooked by alternative updating processes because of their substantial file size. Use of ENC corrections without the application of New Editions can result in an ECDIS that has some charts up to date and some charts that are old editions. NovacoBridge and the NovacoENC service distribute all ENC corrections and ECDISall new editions every week ensuring that updating discrepancies do not arise.

ENC New Charts

Access to the physical files of new ENCs is essential for accessing the ENC. Access to permits alone is not enough. NovacoBridge can deliver full editions of new as well as old ENCs and allows you to access charts for which you do not have base or update CDs.