AVCS Updates by Email


AVCS updates from Novaco, keep your ENC holdings up to date, at all times. Access to the service is worldwide and benefits from the legendary simplicity build in all Novaco Services.

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Paper Charts


NovacoBridge is a comprehensive correction and maintenance solution for all Admiralty charts. Despite the on going migration to ENCs, paper charts remain the most widely used and most familiar charting platform.

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NovacoBridge goes beyond the delivery of digital Notices to Mariners to provide an information library that betters those used by many Chart Agents. NovacoBridge achieves radical simplification of the correction and maintenance process for charts and publications and removes the risk of operator errors.

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Nautical Publications


NovacoBridge simplifies the correction of Nautical Publications. It provides up to date summaries of corrections for Sailing Directions, Radio Signals and Light Lists without the need for NP247 or bulky loose leaf solutions.

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Admiralty Digital Publications


Digital delivery of corrections for Admiralty products is provided via email or satellite broadcast worldwide. ADPs have revolutionized the way navigational information can be accessed.

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NavArea Warnings


NovacoBridge provides Warnings for all 21 NavAreas sourced from the members of World Wide Navigational Warnings Service Sub Committee (WWNWS).  This is an invaluable service for the maintenance and verification of warnings received over the Inmarsat SafetyNET or international NAVTEX services

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ENC CDs by Satellite


NovacoENC is a "fax like" service that delivers all the Base and Update CDs via a fixed cost satellite broadcast. Subscribers of NovacoENC have access to all ENC updates within a day of their publication without having to wait for the delivery of physical CDs.

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Paper Charts

NovacoBridge provides comprehensive support for paper charts and publications. NovacoBridge draws from the relevant Notices to Mariners to provide custom correction lists, corrections text, tracings and blocks forchart correcting permanent as well as temporary and preliminary corrections.

Subscribers are able to identify and display correction information for any chart or publication in the NovacoBridge catalogue at the click of a button. Charts & publications inventories on board vessels may be changed freely without advsising Novaco. 

New Editions

new editionsNovacoBridge monitors the edition date of each publication in the ship’s inventory and identifies publications where a new edition has been released.  Officers are then able to make informed decisions without having to go through the laborious process of tabulating information from the NMs or relying on chart agents to advise. Identified new editions of publications may be sourced locally or from contracted chart agents.

Beyond NP133A

NovacoBridge eliminates the need to use NP234A/B and/or maintain NP133A. Simply select any combination of charts or publications and NovacoBridge can produce cumulative correction lists, for any time horizon you choose.

Correction List

Equally the full text, tracings and blocks (if applicable) for any of these corrections is accessible at the click of a button.

User Defined Folios

Users have complete freedom to organise their inventory of charts and publications into folio groups. 

They can do this either by selecting items from a catalogue or by importing lists from an external file. Additionally, folios may be exported for use by shore-based teams or other ships.


T&Ps in Force

NovacoBridge removes the laborious task of maintaining a folder for T&Ps and having to record what is valid and what is cancelled.  

T&Ps in force

A single button in NovacoBridge provides you the full list of T&Ps that affect any chart or group of charts you select along with all related text, blocks and tracings.  A full audit trail report provides the full history of T&Ps affecting your selected charts. It tells you what is in force as well as what was cancelled and by whom. 

Up-to-date Catalogue

At the heart of NovacoBridge are the catalogues of charts and publications published by the Admiralty, other hydrographic offices and public or private organisations.


Catalogues are updated weekly and help identify new editions as they emerge.